Two handmade dolls embracing on a wicker bench.  Wrapped in love

"Garden Goddess"

Handpainted silk doll layers of clothes covered in butterflies.

Even her shoes!!!

'"Sunny's Music"

Handpainted doll sits listening to her faforite tunes on her headphones.


As a child I facnied myself a Beatnick and making her allowed me to live it if only briefly. 

"The Three Muses"and "Pirate's Booty" Shoe were a cretive diversion done for Mardi Gras Parade 2018 Krewe Of Muse.  This Philanthropic group participates in the all Women's Parade each year by riding a giant Shoe.  These shoes are done by artists to raise funds for the area Women's and Children's Chairities.  A fun way to work with shoes.   

  1.  I worked with the Krewe of Muses again this year and did these boots for their fundraising efforts.  This year's theme is "Broadway".  How many shows can you identify?  

Interested in BabS' Dolls?

Have an idea and want to commission one of your own?


This Mermaid and her Merman work in unison to nurture the gardens of the sea.  I had so much fun immersing myself in this sculpture of Sterling coral reef and sealif with opal fish.  All resting on the sea of Chrysacola stone which to me represents the earth's waters as seen from the heavens.


This piece is availabel for sale 

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